Because Your Relationship with God Matters.

Books and bible studies by have faith studio publishing

Hope in the Wilderness

A Bible study to help you discover hope in a spiritual wilderness.

Let Us Give Thanks

A 30-day Gratitude Devotional with Bonus Activities for Studying God's Word.

Faith Over Anxiety

Journal Your Way to Relief of Your Anxiety and Worry Through Faith.

Where Do We Go From Here?

An honest and rare looking at trusting God in the midst of your loved one’s anxiety and depression.

Relationship Matters: A Creative Bible Study (English)

A 52-Week Journal to Help You Draw Closer to God Every Day.

La relación importa: Un diario de Estudio Bíblico Creativo

52 semanas de páginas de estudio bíblico, que incluyen notas para sermones.

Not all stories begin with once upon a time.

Hello! My name is Jeri Stunkard. I am a creative entrepreneur, graphic designer, and creatively made by God.

Have Faith Studio was founded while I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. My husband and I were a bit anxious about raising another child, but I always believed that everything would work out with faith. And indeed, it did work out, and we chose to give her the middle name Faith.

I grew up in the heart of the Ozarks of Missouri, attending the Nazarene Church. Even as a child, I felt a strong connection to Jesus. The first Bible I owned was won at a small church drawing. However, when I moved to Colorado for Art School, I drifted away from the church and sought understanding and meaning elsewhere. Yet, I realized that what I truly needed was Jesus, so I eventually returned to the church. My journey of faith has been ever-changing, always growing and learning. It's important to remember that everyone's faith walk is unique and often takes unexpected turns.

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